• Weight in water only 1.5kg
  • AAQ Series are compact & light-weight multi-parameter water quality meters
  • Offering a high-accurate deployment & also suitable to vertical profiling measurement

Processing units

PT Type Handy Type IF Type AAQ-PRO


AAQ1183 is a modernized compact and light-weight multi-parameter water quality meter, developed following the completion of COMPACT series lineup. The small sensor unit weights only 1.5kg in water and can profile water manually. Since the housing is made from robust titanium, the sensor unit is robust and corrosion resistant. The signal cable can be simple detached from the sensor unit when a cable of different length is required. The Kevlar-reinforced signal cable has a diameter of only 6.5mm and a breaking strength of 30kg. No additional cable is required for the deployment, which makes the handling of the unit easy on land as well as onboard.
Three different types of interface units are available for various measuring purposes, such as simple type, handy type, multifunction type, etc.
Depth Semiconductor
Pressure Transducer
0 to 100 m 0.002 m 0.3 %FS 0.2 sec.
Temperature Thermistor -5 to 40 XC 0.001 XC 0.02 XC 0.28 sec.
Conductivity Inductive Cell 0 to 60 mS/cm 0.001 mS/cm 0.02 mS/cm 0.28 sec.
(fresh water)
Inductive Cell 0 to 500 µS/cm 0.1 µS/cm 20 µS/cm 0.2 sec.
Salinity UNESCO formula 0 to 40 0.001 0.03 @
Turbidity Back-scattering
0 to 1000 FTU
0.03 FTU 2 %FS
or 0.3 FTU
0.2 sec.
Chlorophyll Fluorescent
Scattering Light
0 to 400 ppb
0.01 ppb 1% FS or
0.1 ppb
0.2 sec.
DO Galvanic Electrode 0 to 20 mg/l
(0 to 200 %)
0.01 mg/l
0.2 mg/l
( 1 %)
3.5 sec.
pH Glass Electrode 0 to 14 pH 0.01 pH 0.2 10 sec.
Photo quantum Photo diode 0 to 5000 µmol/s/m² 0.1 µmol/s/m² 5 % 0.1 sec.
Models & Parameters
Models: AAQ-
1180 1182 1183 1186
Conductivity(fresh water)
Photo Quantum

Communication format RS485
A/D Conversion 16 bits digital conversion
Size 89.1 mm in dia, 276 mm in length
Weight 2.4 kg in air, 1.5 kg in water
Material Titanium

Measurement in the rain
Since its introduction in 2003, more than 120 units of the light-weight and multi-parameter aqua quality meter AAQ1183 series have already been sold. We received many useful comments from the initial users of the AAQ series. This valuable field test information helps us to improve this system and led to the introduction of a revolutionary new data acquisition software and onboard processing unit.

TOUGH BOOK CF-18 (18BC in English OS)

One of the many great features of the AAQ series is that the instrument links to a TOUGH BOOK laptop
running our powerful new data acquisition software.
The TOUGH BOOK is a tablet style laptop developed specially for rough environment. The B5 version of the TOUGH BOOK is splash-proof, and can be operated on a large-sized color LCD screen with touch pen
function. The battery endurance of the AAQ-TOUGH BOOK combination is good for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The instrument can be operated by a single person by using neck and waist straps.

TOUGHBOOK on board

Water-proof interface unit (AAQ IF)

The mobility of the AAQ-TOUGH BOOK combination is maximized through the small water-proof I/F interface unit. The interface unit supplies power to the AAQ instrument and handles the data transmission between the instrument and the TOUGH BOOK. The AAQ instrument and the I/F unit communicate using RS485 protocol, while the I/F unit and TOUGH BOOK communication is RS232 communication.
Data upload and display is in real-time. The I/F unit holds 8 pcs. AA batteries, which will power the AAQ for up to 10 hours during typical operation. When performing long-term continuous deployments, an external 12VDC or 100-240VAC power supply can be used. The I/F interface unit weights only 750g including batteries. It can be carried on a waist belt, which makes it possible for the entire system to be operated by a single person.


The AAQ1183-PROFESSIONAL is the newly developed data acquisition and processing software. The user-friendly software has a clearly visible display showing the measured data in real time on the TOUGH BOOK screen, even during severe marine conditions. The basic display selections, such as profiling or time-series observation, real-time data display, and automatic plotting, are shown in big characters and various colors. Furthermore, the replay of stored data, as well as the setup of time and sampling rate, etc. is easily activated using touch-pen action.

This is a display unit suitable for real in-situ deployment at sea. It is operated using a touch-panel color LCD and external push buttons. The multi-functions comprise vertical distribution graphs, data printing and storing of data into built-in flash memory. A GPS receiver records position data.

This unit can store in built-in memory and display the data. This model is operated with a simple touch-key pad.

This unit transforms the RS-485 signal from the sensor unit into RS232-C for ommunicating with a PC to transfer data for real time monitoring.
Function Comparison
PT-10 (AAQ1183-PT) Pro Unit (AAQ1183-Pro) Smart handy (AAQ1183-H)
Interface (AAQ1183-IF)
Screen 5.7 inch TFT Color LCD Rotatory 10.4" TFT
Color LCD
4 Lines 20 characters LCD N.A.
Touch Panel Screen
External Push button
Touch Screen
Touch Screen Pen
Push button N.A.
Indication Measured Data,
Vertical Graph
Measured Data, Vertical /
Time series Graph
Measured Data N.A.
Type of
64 Mbyte Compact
Flash Memory
PC built-in hard disk Built-in 2Mbyte Flash
1. Auto-vertical measurement
by depth pitch selected
(Selectable from 0.1 ,0.2, 0.5,
1 m in depth pitch)
2. Spot recording of measured
data at random depth
Continuous measurement
per selectable Interval
(0.5 / 1.5 sec.)
Consecutive measurement
by selected interval
(0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 sec.)
Data output : RS232-C
Consecutive measurement
by selected interval
Programmed by PC
application software
1. Auto-printing of measured
data at site upon finishing
auto-Vertical measurement
2. Printing of measured data
at site after spot
(To be printed out through
external Printer)
(To be printed out through
external Printer)
(To be printed out
by printer connected
to PC)
Built-in calender
(Auto-correction by GPS)
PC built-in timer Built-in calender N.A.
Power AC110 / 220 V & external
DC12 V
PC : Built-in battery
(Useable for 8 hours)
Interface : DC12 V or
Alkaline battery
UM-3 8pcs.
AC110/220V or DC12 V
Alkaline battery
UM-3 8pcs.
AC110/220V or DC12 V
Alkaline battery
UM-3 8pcs.
Dimensions 285 x 350 x 230 mm <PC>
271x 216x 49 mm
199 x 83 x 45.6 mm
85 x 115 x 255 mm 78 x 90 x 190 mm
Weight 3 kg <PC>
2 kg / Interface: 500 g
1 kg (excluding batteries) 1 kg
Other function GPS function (standard) Quadratic Data
Processing Program
@ @