The measurement principle of the EM current meters is based on Faraday's Law of induction. The absence of any moving parts makes these current meters very robust, stable, and sensitive. Low current speeds can be measured with great accuracy, even in shallow water or in narrow model tanks. Owing to Alec Electronic's long standing experience and patented manufacturing techniques, the ACM Series current meters can be equipped with a variety of sensor heads for 2-component(x,y) and 3-component(x,y,z) measurement. Many ACM instruments are used worldwide.


@ @ ACM200-A ACM250-A
Sensor Probe
9 mm diameter, 30 mm length 20 mm diameter, 90 mm length
5 mm diameter,
25 mm length
Pressure Capable for 10 meters depth
Cable 10 m(standard),100 m(maximum)
Display Range 0 to 25/50/250 cm/sec (selectable)
Time Constant 0.05/1/5 sec (selectable)
Noise Width 3/1/0.5 mm/sec 5/2/1 mm/sec
Accuracy 2 % or0.5 cm/sec
Output 0 to 5V(against full scale)
Power AC100/110/200/220V,50/60 Hz
Dimensions 200X 300X 195 mm (FRP case)
Weight 3.4 kg (portable type)