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ACM300-A is the first three-dimensional electromagnetic current meter capable of measuring horizontal and vertical current. The sensor is 20mm in diameter and has many uses such as in complex current experiments, current distribution in a stirrer tub, etc.It is highly response. The zero point is stable. It has a good range of flow angle. Three-deimensional current analysis is posssible with this unique meter.


Display Panel Maesurement range 0 to กำ25 cm/sec. 3 stages
0 to กำ50 cm/sec.
0 to กำ250 cm/sec.
Time Constant 0.5 sec, 2 sec, 10 sec
Accuracy 0.5 sec,กำ2 %, or 1 cm/sec.
2 sec., กำ2 % or 0.5 cm/sec.
10 sec.,กำ2 % or 0.5 cm/sec.
Analog Output 0 to กำ5 V proportional to 0 to กำ250 cm/sec.
(X Y Z Axis)
Power AC100V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 400(W)X185(H)X220(D) mm
Weight Approx. 6kgs
Sensor Probe Sensor size 20 mm Diameter (spherical)
Depth Capacity 3 kgs/cm²
Cable Length 10 meters (standard)
Options (1) Sensor-support pipe
(2) Extension cable (max.50 meters)