• Enable to measure velocity more than 3cm depth
  • Memory function added into display unit
  • Easy operation & auto ZERO adjustment
  • Attractive in price
  • Wider LCD makes more clear picture


AEM1-D is an in-situ portable single-axis current meter designed for accurate and simple measurements of current velocity at rivers and canals. Accurate velocity measurement can be obtained even at shallow depth of 3 cm. In comparison with conventional propeller current meters, this instrument is trouble-free and simple to operate and maintain. The rugged display unit gives the digital output of current speed, ranging from 1mm/s to 5m/s.
As one of the new features, a memory function stores the measured data together with calendar information. Data of up to 99 different field locations can be stored in the memory. All data can be transferred into a PC and processed conveniently.


Sensor specifications


Directionality Single-axis, Single bearing
Measuring range 0.001 to 5 m/sec
Resolution 0.002 m/sec
Accuracy 2 % of measured speed or กำ0.005 m/sec, whichever is bigger
Minimum depth 3 cm
Size 30 mm(Diameter) x 64 mm
Cable length 10 m in standard (Expandable up to 50 m)
Display specifications
Display LCD 20 characters
Display detalls Current velocity (m/sec)
Interval 1,5,10,20,40,60 seconds selective
Memory capacity 2Mbyte, able to record up to 99 blocks
Memory detalls Block#, measuring time, velocity, mean time
Output RS232C
1. Download from memory data
2. Transfer of real-time data
Power Alkaline battery cell
UM-2 type 4 pcs. (DC6V)
(Operative for 20 hours approx.)
Size 100 mm x 240 mm x 95 mm
Weight 1 kg approx.
Materials Urethane resin
Waterproof grade IP04 class