The ATU1-D Turbidity Meter is a direct reading portable instrument which comprises a Sensor Unit with 30 m cable (standard length) and a compact rugged Display Unit housed in an FRP case.The Turbidity Meter uses an infrared back-scattering detection technique. Supensoids are detected in the area where the pulsed beams from two transmitter elements intersect. The diffused light at this junction is sensed by a receiving element located between the two transmitters. The receiver beam has an acceptance angle of 165 ¢Xand , being located towards the rear of the unit, enables turbidity measurements to be made over a wide range without alteration of the optical axis span. Accurate turbidity data are digitally displayed on an LCD panel with analogue output signals available for continuous recording.


Display Unit
Display method Liquid crystal display
Time constant 1,5,10 sec. Selectable
Batteries C-type dry cell-8 pcs.
Current consumption 40 mA
Analog output 0 to 2V (0 to 200 ppm)
Size 225 mm (W) 200 mm (H) 130 mm (D)
Weight 3 kgs(Housed in FRP Box)
Sensor Unit
Principle Infrared back-scattering method
Wave-length 880 nm
Measuring range 0 to 199.9 ppm
Accuracy ¡Ó2 %
Cable length Standard 30 meters, maximum 100 meters
Size diameter 60 mm, length 206 mm
Weight 1.75 kg (exclusive of cable)