• Small and light with large memory capacity
  • Anti-fouling wiper
  • High resolution
  • Non-volatile flash memory
  • Built-in calendar/time information
  • Direct connection to PC
  • Programmable calibration factors
  • Convenient Windows software
  • Robust Titanium housing
Mud-Output Graph (ss equivalent)
The Compact-HTW is a micro-controlIer equipped miniature, precise data logger that uses fiber optic technology to measure super-high turbidity up to values of 70,000 ppm. The COMPACT-HTW features a wiper that sweeps the optical surface before each sample. This improves the repeatability of the measurements and makes long-term deployments possible.
Our state-of-the-art technology allows for a compact, autonomous unit that is capable of storing up to 179,178 sets of 2-channels of data (turbidity and battery voltage). The non-volatile flash-memory protects data loss in case of power loss or irregular battery voltage.