• Sampling rate
    Max. 512 MHz
  • Data acquisition direct on a
    PC through cable
TurboMAP is a free-falling profiler for easy, straightforward operation in open ocean, coastal and limnic waters. TurboMAP is equipped with high-resolution sensors for measuring microstructure shear du/dz and temperature gradient dt/dz, as well as standard CTD sensors. The specially designed bio-optical sensor is capable of resolving centimeter-scale distributions of chlorophyll and turbidity. Data are recorded internally or are transmitted in real-time to a ship-board PC. A powerful software package is available for processing and analyzing the microstructure shear and temperature data.
Measured Parameters Examples of Derived Parameters
  • Turbulence shear
  • Fast-response temperature
  • Slow-response temperature
  • CTD
  • Vehicle acceleration (x,y,z)
  • Chlorophyll a
  • Turbidity
  • Salinity gradient
  • Viscosity coefficient
  • Dissipation rate of TKE
  • Brunt-Vaisala frequency
  • Falling speed
  • Temperature gradient
  • Sea-water density

TurboMAP-9 (Coastal type)


TurboMAP-L (Open ocean type)
TurboMAP-L is capable of measuring the turbulence microstructure, from 10 m depth up to 500m, and falling at the speed of 0.5 - 0.7 m/sec. At the top of 2 m long pressure case, the profiler is equipped with two microstructure shear probes, fast-response temperature sensor, chlorophyll / turbidity sensor, CTD sensors and three accelerometers. The data collected with sampling rate ranging from 64 - 512Hz for different channels are transmitted to the ship-board PC by a submergible Kelvar signal cable in real-time.
TurboMAP-9 (Coastal type)


TurboMAP-9, developed for coastal research purpose to 100 m depth, is able to move down-ward and upward in water for measurements. Downward deployment allows user to get the data in-between 3 -100 m with a stable falling speed. In case of upward profiling, the profiler implements measurement, simply by adding syntacticfoam (buoyant) and ballasts stability. It measures water upward from 5 m above the sea bottom to the sea surface. The releaser is available as an option to release the instrument at the pre-set target depth. The observation is capable of being monitored in real-time by a ship-board PC through submergible cable.


Parameters Range Accuracy Resolution
Shear 0 to 10 S-1 5 % 1 x 10-4 S-1
Fast temperature -5 to 45 XC 1 x 10-2 XC <1 x 10-4 XC
Slow temperature -5 to 45 XC 5x 10-2 XC 1 x 10-3 XC
Conductivity 0 to 7 S/m 5 x 10-3 S/m 2 x 10-4 S/m
Pressure L type 0 to 500 dbar 0.5%FS 1 x 10-2 dbar
9 type 0 to 100 dbar 0.5%FS 5 x 10-3 dbar
Accelerometers:(X, Y, Z) 1 G 1%FS 5 x 10-4 G
Fluorescence 0 to 100 ppb 0.5 ppb or 1 % 5 x 10-3 ppb
Turbidity 0 to 100 ppm 1 ppm or 2 % 5 x 10-4 ppm

Parameters L type 9 type
Dimensions 2000 mm(L)x114 mm(OD) 1200 mm (L) x 140 mm (OD)
Weight 30 kg / 0.5 kg (in air / water) 22 kg / 0.5 kg (in air / water)
Movingspeed 0.5 m/sec 0.5 m/sec
Depth rating 500 m 200 m
Pressure case Titanium HCR treated aluminum